Radon and Realtors – Something to think about

Many Realtors would rather not mention or even think about radon gas, but real estate professionals can play a key role in Nebraska’s efforts to reduce the risk of exposure to radon gas. Realtors, if they choose to, have the opportunity to inform and educate their clients, just as they would help familiarize their clients with the lending and home inspection processes.

Lung cancer kills thousands of Americans every year, and the untimely deaths of Peter Jennings and Dana Reeve have raised public awareness about lung cancer, especially among people who have never smoked. Smoking, radon and secondhand smoke are the leading causes of lung cancer. Although lung cancer can be treated, the survival rate is one of the lowest for those with cancer. From the time of diagnosis, only 11 to 15 percent of those afflicted will live beyond five years.

In light of the many steps involved in a real estate transaction, it is understandable that some Realtors would rather not bring up the issue of radon if they don’t have to. But have they ever considered, or been faced with the following question? What will they tell their home buyers in several years, when they become home sellers, and a test indicates high levels of radon, and they turn and ask “Why didn’t anyone tell me about radon when I bought this house?” Even worse, what will they say to the client who develops lung cancer, and the issue of radon was never discussed?

Performing a radon test in conjunction with a home inspection is the easiest way to determine if high levels of radon (above 4 pCi/L) are present in a home. If high levels of radon are present in the home, the good news is that it can be fixed, and it usually takes less than one day.

Radon Measurement and Mitigation Professionals in Nebraska are required to be certified, and adhere to Professional Standards and Regulations. When choosing a radon professional, always be sure to verify that they are certified with the State of Nebraska by checking out the Nebraska Health & Human Services Website at www.hhs.state.ne.us/enh/radon/radon.htm. If you find yourself working with a buyer or seller and a home that has high levels of radon, call Radon Pros4-21-2017 3-42-33 PM at 639-1100 for a free consultation or guaranteed estimate of the cost of reducing the radon.

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