Radon Mitigation System Inspections

If you are buying or selling a home or just want to know if the Radon System in your current home is working properly, Radon Pros can perform a Radon Mitigation Inspection and Radon Test for you. Systems age and home conditions change, so the EPA recommends all homes with a Radon Mitigation System be tested every 2 years. 

For Sellers to avoid any contingencies on the sale of your home, you may want to have your mitigation system inspected to ensure it is functioning properly and meets current code.


Reasons to have your Radon System Inspected:

  • Changes to a home after a Radon Mitigation System has been Installed can raise the indoor radon level. 

  • Structural changes or additions

  • Installation of a new or different type of HVAC System 

  • Installing new windows, siding, additional insulation, or air sealing

  • Foundation walls and slab floors settle and change over time

  • How and where Radon enters your home can change 

  • Radon fans wear out (typical life is 7 to 8 years).

  • Radon fan manufacturer’s warranties expire after 5 years (for all major radon fan manufacturers).

  • Radon fan motors will corrode inside the fan housing and become less effective and louder over time.

  • EPA recommends that all radon systems be tested every 2 years to ensure their effectiveness

  • Your radon mitigation system may not be working effectively